Joshua Ryan

Welcome to my old, but still current, personal web page. This site is a wonderful time capsule of the contemporaneous growing up of a human and the Internet. I'm out of Gopherspace, on to the World Wide Web. Best viewed in WWW/Samba, Mosaic or even Internet Explorer, it does not matter, HTML standards!

What I do

I'm currently a Ph.D. scholar at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University in human ecology, environmental psychology, and urban systems.

I have graduated in business innovation, psychology, evolutionary ecology, geophysics, spatial information, geology, philosophy, and screen arts. I enjoy variety and have studied a long list of other things from acting to international conflict analysis.

I previous was a researcher at The University of Adelaide in spatial information and geohydrology, tutor in earth sciences, and lecturer in media studies.

I now have a *colour* digital camera! Behold the quality, adore the hair colours, bow down to the future. Color and USB digital cameras, what next?

And now I present you with options known as 'hyperlinks' (if you're stuck in the 80's, think hotspots):

  • Photo Gallery
  • The elusive 2nd item that randomly changes every 12 months to keep you in suspense but never materialises and that after a decade you're starting to suspect is just a load of crap
  • Thanks for playing.

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